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What our customers say about Kiwi Experience

Splashing about, Hot Water Beach
Relaxing on the beach
Good times all round

I would like to thank the Kiwi Experience team

For a great Funky Chicken holiday my wife and I had during February /March this year. A special thanks to our driver Dillon who was very helpful and made our trip enjoyable and interesting with his knowledge of the country.

As a couple in our sixties we probably stood out from the crowd being slightly older than the majority of our fellow travellers but we didn’t feel out of place as there were a number of other people of varying ages with us. Kiwi Experience caters mostly for younger travellers but we thought we would like to experience some of the out of the way places without having to drive ourselves. The coach travel was comfortable with a reasonable distance each day and frequent stops.

Grame and Freida  

We had carefully planned our schedule of the North and South island including our accommodation at each place. We normally stayed in motels or hotels close to thepickup/dropoff, or, when there was no alternative, we had a double room in the allocated hostel.

The daily supermarket stop was really useful to buy supplies for the evening meal as the majority of places have kitchens to prepare your own food. The drivers fequently give advice on where to eat and what specials are on offer.

There was no pressure to participate in the organised activities as people had to adjust their budget accordingly.

You do need a certain level of fitness for walking and handling your baggage. The majority of places have laundry facilities which we found useful.

It was a great way to see New Zealand and thank you once again Kiwi Experience.

Graham & Frieda Williams

Dear Customer Relations Team & Dylan,

I am sending you this email as I would like to thank Dylan, our Kiwi Experience bus driver on the Gumboot route when we were on the west coast of the south island during Feb 2010, for all of the help he gave me and my mates when I injured myself whilst out quad-biking at the Buller River in Westport.

It was unfortunate that I got injured early on my trip, however, Dylan went out of his way to help me get to Greymouth hospital, and advised us on the alternatives I have when it came to travelling back to Christchurch and then alternatives of how my mates could get back en-route onto the Kiwi Bus again for the short time they were there.

Whilst maintaining a serious yet humorous person throughout the little time I and my friends had with him, Dylan is a great representative of the Kiwi spirit and a brilliant asset that Kiwi Experience have.

I didn’t want his efforts and help to go un-noticed and wanted you to pass on our thanks to Dylan and the rest of the Kiwi Experience team for leaving brilliant memories of New Zealand and for their hospitality.

Kind Regards,
Jiten Patel & Mates


Things don't get much better! Kiwi Experience was by far the greatest adventure we have undertaken. So many amazing things to see, to do, people to meet. We had a ball!! Simone Weidner, Australia

Kia ora

A quick note to say thanks for the quality time I had in New Zealand. The trip was amazing, well organised and i went everywhere and did everything I could have hoped for. The people i travelled with all agreed enjoying a trip is three things…

  1. the place you go (new zealand is unbelievable)
  2. the people you go with (went on my own but had a really good bus load of people
  3. how you get around - now for this the kiwi bus takes complete credit but also note the driver taking us around to the afforementioned locations. In this case - Cam. As well as being a quality lad, and seemingly knowing the country like the back of his hand, he really put himself out for the group. Nice touch we felt, and it didn't go un-noticed. Also the trips that were organised and the way Cam sorted them out made it all the better.

Cheers you all - best time of my life.

James Turnbull - England

Had the best trip ever on Kiwi Experience

Thanks so much!!

NZ was even more beautiful than I ever expected. And we did all kinds of fun stuff! (seakayaking, skydive, blackwater rafting, horse riding, etc....)

Our driver (stayed on the same bus the whole time) Jerry/"Panda" definetly deserves praise!

He was so much fun, full of knowledge, always up and running, even when having a flu. He really went out of his way to organize our accomodations and activities.

And also your reservations people were all really helpful! Thanks so much to all of you guys!

We will be back! :)

Nina – Helsinki, Finland

I just want to say thank you

... for the tour I've just enjoyed on the kiwi bus! I am a relatively inexperienced traveller and to be honest was a little nervy about the prospect of spending 3 weeks on the other side of the world. I've had an excellent time: there was information on cultural sites as well as on activities and socials.

I had no prior experience of NZ but I think we were taken to some pretty remote areas off the beaten track (definately on East As), which makes a change; but most of all I felt at home on the bus - not pressured or made to feel bad for not joining in with stuff I didn't want to (eg being made to get blind drunk all night, which I've felt pressured to do on other tours). Our guide - K9 was refreshingly unsleezy, responsible and encouraging, and I thought he always went the extra mile. The few guys I have spoken to at the kiwi offices have been cool too.

So for what its worth from an inexperienced traveller, I am glad I used Kiwi Ex and will use it again.

Kia ora and thanks
Marina, USA

Hi there

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for all your help with organising my Kiwi Experience trip in June.

My friend Jess & I had the most amazing time and we are still talking about it. I really cant put into to words without writing a novel how much we loved it. I also wanted to say a huge thanks to our driver k9. He was awesome. From day one he was really helpful and loads of fun. I cant thank him enough.

Thanks again for your help and I will recommend Kiwi Ex to everyone I know!

Helen & Jess – Vancouver