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Always dreamed of strolling along in Bilbo’s footsteps, popping into quaint Hobbit Holes and sipping a malty ale at the Green Dragon pub? 


A trip to Hobbiton is in order!

If you’re after the real Middle Earth this is it. The 12 acre Hobbiton site is still a working sheep farm, set amongst some very picturesque rolling green hills. No gimmicky film-set here, the idyllic and completely true-to-the-book Hobbiton makes it easy to drift into your own Hobbity world. After skipping along to Hobbiton more than a few times now, we’ve nailed down our favourite things about this enchanting piece of Middle Earth.


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Amazing attention to detail

Into the land of Hobbit Holes and you’ll quickly forget you’re on a film set. The attention to detail is pretty incredible. Peter Jackson and Co. went to huge lengths to ensure every nook & cranny in Hobbiton matches J. R. Tolkien’s richly detailed books. Not only does this equate to cuteness-overload with pastel-painted Hobbit Holes surrounded by blooming flowers and Hobbit tools in the yard, but also other intriguing features. Take the litchen on the fences around Hobbiton. Not just painted on, it was created with yogurt and thickener, splotted it the fences then painted over - you'd never even guess that it's not real!


LOTR knowledge not required!

Whether you’re a massive Lord Of The Rings fan and or you haven’t actually seen the film… (you’re not alone, apparently 1/3 of visitors haven’t!) Hobbiton is actually awesome enough that even those with zero film-knowledge will still love it. Being transported into another world is something to experience, even if it’s a world you haven’t (yet) seen on-screen.


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Lord of the Photo Opportunities

The classic Hobbit Hole photo. Some would say Hobbiton is worth the visit just to get this iconically awesome photo. Take your pick of one of the 37 Hobbit Holes -  bonus points if you do it properly with the knees-in-your-shoes trick, transforming even the lankiest amongst us into Hobbit-like proportions.


Triple your Hobbiton knowledge

The plethora of awesome and random facts from your tour guide will bring this already magical place completely to life. The Hobbiton team have some great behind-the-scenes Hobbiton and LOTR knowledge that you’ll be lucky enough to get in on during your tour. You won't look at the oak tree above Bag End the same way once you discover how it was carefully cut up, transported, bolted back together and brought to life by wiring on thousands of artifical leaves!


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Green Dragon Pub

The perfect way to end your tour -  a beverage at the rustic Green Dragon Pub, Hobbiton's favourite watering hole. With a complimentary drink on the house, the Amber Ale hits the spot, as does the crisp ginger beer. Brewed by Southfarthing, they also created a 1% ale especially for the films, ensuring that there weren't any drunken Hobbits running around on set! Plus if you’ve worked up an appetite the renowned steak & ale pies will hit the spot.


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Half expecting Bilbo and Frodo to pop out at any moment? You’re definitely not alone! Along with a vivid imagination, get yourself that much closer Middle Earth by booking one of our Kiwi Experience tours and get ready for your own Hobbiton adventure!



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