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Who travels New Zealand by bus?

One of the best things about Kiwi Experience is the people you meet along the way: Driver Guides, fellow passengers, locals, and that hottie from Aussie who said you had cool hair. Fun, adventurous, independent travellers of all types, from all around the world choose Kiwi Experience for their New Zealand bus travel. There are no limits! Even the locals who travel with us are blown away by what Kiwi Experience can show them in their own country.

Martha, one of our older passengers
Martha, one of our older passengers
Snorkelling, Bay of islands New Zealand
Blacksheep on a Farm
Chilling, Bay of Islands
Chilling, Bay of Islands


While there is a minimum age of 18, there is no maximum and you’ll find fun youthful travellers of all ages doing New Zealand bus travel the Kiwi Experience way. Most of our passengers are between 20 and 35 years old, but we’ve also had our share of passengers in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s too, proving it’s all about attitude not age.

The current record for the oldest male is 72 and the oldest female 92!


We get travellers from all over the globe on Kiwi Experience: UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and even local Kiwis from just down the road.

So not only will you be experiencing New Zealand culture but cultures from all around the world. This mix of people is one of the best things about New Zealand bus travel and something you wouldn’t get travelling around on your lonesome!

Nature, adrenalin, culture and socialising

Nature lovers, adrenalin junkies, culture vultures, and sun seekers all do bus travel with Kiwi Experience because with our comprehensive route and flexible travel options what you do is totally up to you. Some people want the culture, some want the adventure sports, some want the socialising and some come for the scenery, but one thing the majority of travellers agree is that a balance between all these things is the best way to see the real New Zealand.

Every pass offers this mix, and with the hop-on, hop-off system; no pressure; a wicked bunch of people, and options everywhere you’ll be able to tailor your trip exactly how you want it!

Bus travel for singles, couples & groups

The majority of Kiwi Experience passengers are travelling alone which is great because often knowing no-one is the easiest way to get to know everyone. Like the diverse ages and nationalities, there’s usually a great mix of singles, couples and groups of 3-4 mates on our buses too – not that you’d be able to tell after a few hours together!

New Zealand bus travel on your own is great – you get to look after #1 and have no problem meeting people wherever you go. Couples and groups have the added benefit of getting to share their Kiwi Experience with great mates and find that it doesn’t hold them back from meeting the rest of the bus either. The people are one of the great reasons why Kiwi Experience is what it is. We make it easy to meet people and there’s always someone to do stuff with!

The Kiwi Experience whanau

In Maori culture your whanau (“far-no”) is your extended family – those you are close to, look after and share great times with. You’ll hear this term used a lot to describe the very special bonds formed on Kiwi Experience between drivers, passengers, New Zealand, and sometimes even the bus (that’s not too weird is it?). Your very first day of bus travel with us gives you lifetime entry to this very special fraternity and the benefits that come with it. We look forward to having you on board!