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Driver Profiles


Meet Big Rig 

Big Rig fav kiwi moment

Leaving Auckland, It's all in front of you! On Bottom Bus: Hitting the Catlins on a hot summer's day, it goes off. People's reaction, when they come face to face with a 500kg Sea Lion, outstanding!

Meet Fly 

Fly fav kiwi moment

I love every minute of it. What can I say?

Meet Nancy 

Nancy fav kiwi moment

Seeing peoples faces when they have completed an activity they never thought they would have the courage to do

Meet Bods 

Bods fav kiwi moment

Too rude

Meet Guy Cann 

Guy Cann fav kiwi moment

Having a few ‘quiets’ with the passengers after they’ve spent a day seeing and doing the spectacular and crazy stuff this great little country has to offer.

Meet Josh 

Josh fav kiwi moment

Completing the training trip has to be up there; what a relief!! Quickly followed by the worst haircut ever!

Meet Big Bucks 

Big Bucks fav kiwi moment

Too many to list...

Meet Napoleon 

Napoleon fav kiwi moment

The graduation party after my training trip. Apparently there was absinthe involved?

Meet Which one??? 

Which one??? fav kiwi moment

I might be the only one to ever say this but I really enjoyed my training trip

Meet Wazza 

Wazza fav kiwi moment

Seeing that shy and reserved person on the bus come out of their shell and become included in the larger group

Meet Vaughan 

Vaughan fav kiwi moment

Day 1 & Day & Day 3 & Day 4 & basically every day up until now.

Meet Novus 

Novus fav kiwi moment

Going White water rafting in River Valley

Meet Cuddles 

Cuddles fav kiwi moment

Well.. The names would have to be changed. I could tell you but then, I’d have to kill you

Meet Diddles 

Diddles fav kiwi moment

Listening to Spud’s laugh, it’s an experience in its own right!! His laugh takes on a whole life of its own!!! It’s a falsetto laugh!! Brilliant. The Bee Gee's would be proud.

Meet Mangee 

Mangee fav kiwi moment

Taking 50 passengers to mum and dads for a BBQ. They loved it! (Mum and dad that is)