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Posted by Kiwi Experience Crew on 8 January 2014


2014 is an exciting year for Kiwi Experience - we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! Since our first tour set off in 1989 we’ve travelled over 20 million miles and given around 400,000 travellers the trip of a lifetime.

25 years ago, it would’ve been rare for our passengers to jump on board with smart phones, hair straighteners and iPod playlists at the ready, but we like to think the fun, friendship and first-rate service you get on a Kiwi Experience has stayed consistent through the years.

To test that theory, we quizzed some past passengers on their memories from Kiwi Experience trips across the years. We’d love to get your thoughts too, so read on for how you can get involved.


Daniela Resenterra: (2008, Drivers: Bods, Spud, Fly)

I have so many happy memories from my Kiwi Experience trip - a particular highlight for me was being in Queenstown on Christmas Day when we all jumped into the lake. We did so much in six weeks, visiting beautiful places and hanging out with a great bunch of people. The drivers made the experience and one of ours, Bods, still works for Kiwi Experience now – what a legend!

Josie Self: (2007)

I was unconvinced by the idea of bungee jumping until I met my incredibly persuasive fellow Kiwi Experience travellers. After an activity-filled month ranging from glacier hikes and fajita nights to white-water rafting and go-karting, I found myself strapped to a bungee cord suspended 134 metres over a gorge! The rush that followed was one of the most memorable moments of my round-the-world trip.

Jenna Osborne: (2012)

I met some of the best people and had some of the best experiences of my six months travelling whilst I was in New Zealand. This was most definitely down to Kiwi Experience; it helps you feel settled in foreign place, encourages you make friends and most of all, takes the stress out of planning so you can just concentrate on having a good time!

Sarah Austin: (2002, Driver: K2)

I travelled with Kiwi Experience in 2002 and had two weeks of pure fun with awesome people, great sights and a lot of Jack Johnson on the bus stereo! It gave me a great introduction to an amazing country.

Jane Nicholson: (1990)

We had so much fun travelling on the Kiwi Experience with friends we had met earlier in our travels and, more than two decades on, we are still in contact! For me, a big highlight was climbing the Fox Glacier in our hobnail boots. And the hair is much more stylish now!

Sarah Junker: (2007, Driver: Vino)

The atmosphere was great, with like-minded travellers and everyone sharing the same sense of excitement. The great thing about Kiwi Experience is its hop-on, hop-off flexibility - we never bypassed a worthy place of interest and the route was phenomenally scenic. The Tongariro Crossing was one of the highlights of my travel experiences to date.

Paul Black: (1999)

My best friend and I travelled with Kiwi Experience straight after A-levels. As novice backpackers without much of a forward plan, it was great being able to leave our itinerary and transport in the hands of the New Zealand experts.


Are you a past Kiwi Experience customer, or know someone who is? We’re compiling a special 25th anniversary photo album on Facebook and want YOUR group photos! Ever wondered what happened to that hot Swedish guy or the Scottish girl with the crazy laugh? This could be your way to get back in touch! And keep an eye on the album – you never know who might be uploading pictures with you in them.


Join the party at Facebook.com/KiwiExperienceNZ. Post your pictures to the facebook timeline or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using#KiwiEx25Years.  




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