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Top 9 best things about working for Kiwi Experience

Posted by Kiwi Experience Crew on 5 August 2016

Want to get paid to travel? Sharing our story with people from all around the world? If you like adventure activities, our incredible nature, and youthful global travellers – this job combines it all. Become a Driver Guide for Kiwi Experience. It has to be one of the best tourism jobs in NZ.

Nature & the environment

Our country is full of beautiful places and this job takes you there. Not only that, you get the incredible privilege of taking others along for the ride. From seeing Kiwi in the wild, to walking up volcanoes, or swimming with dolphins - working for Kiwi is a nature lovers dream!


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If adventure is your style, this job has unbeatable chances to experience the best in adventure tourism. You will get paid to jump (be pushed) out of aeroplanes, jump off cliffs (the world’s highest no less) or sailing the 7 seas (well, NZ’s largest lake). You should take the plunge and give this great NZ tourism job a go.


Our country, while young, is very rich in culture and heritage. You will be given the floor to share our unique story with travellers from around the globe. Experiences like Tamaki Maori Village only further enhance and add to our story as told by you.


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The typical traveller on Kiwi Experience is youthful, savvy, passionate and exploring the world, and themselves. They want to connect with like-minded people in a group setting, and you will learn about people from all over the world, while also sharing your story.


Being a Driver Guide at Kiwi Experience means constant training and development and opportunities for growth within the company. You will be trained in First Aid, SAFEED (safe & fuel efficient driving) and learn to operate class leading vehicles with the upmost professionalism. Our Driver Guides are actively hunted – and we only see this as a nod to how well trained you will be. Many of our Driver Guides have gone into operational or management roles within the company – helping shape the future of Kiwi Experience.


While you travel the country, you will be given plenty of downtime to explore other interests. If photography or mountain biking is your passion, you will be have unparalleled access to our country as your playground.


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Company Culture

The culture within Kiwi Experience is like nothing you will have ever experienced. You will be backed up by a 7 day a week team who, like you, would do anything to make our travellers dreams come true. We have ‘green blooded’ on our uniform, and there is nothing more appropriate. You will be welcomed into our whanau, and treated like whanau - your colleagues will become friends for life.


Our Driver Guides are appropriately compensated for the contribution they make. Full time Driver Guides can expect a market leading package with the hard work they put in. This gives them the opportunity to take time out in the quieter months and become travellers themselves.


Little perks all add up. While on the road you get well looked after and have limited living costs. Other bonuses include discounted camper van rental in NZ, Australia or the USA and free activities for you, and big discounts for your friends and family.

So why the wait? Kiwi Experience is hiring now and we want you to join our family. Apply now by visiting www.kiwiexperience.com/drive

Hurry, our training trip is leaving soon, and we would love to have you on board.


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