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Posted by Alex Neal - Kiwi Experience Guest Blogger on 8 April 2015


Why go on a Kiwi Experience in the winter? I've (s)no(w) idea. Well as the cold descends upon the southern hemisphere like a chilly mist floating down onto a valley, it actually provides the perfect opportunity to visit New Zealand. To see, well, a chilly mist floating down onto a valley.

One of the wonders of New Zealand are the snow-capped peaks that adorn its beautiful landscape, and when better to see snowy mountains than when it is snowy. You don't go to the Sahara in the summer and expect it to be cold, so why take in New Zealand at any other time?

And while the schedule for moving onto the next place becomes a lot less frequent, it gives you the perfect chance to explore every aspect that each city in New Zealand holds. There's nothing quite like doing the unique spots of each place, because you have the time to. And believe me, there are a lot of things to do in each place, just see what there is to do in my other posts for more info (nothing wrong with plugging your own work, right??)


Another perk of going in the winter time is that it is quieter. The high-octane, fully fuelled adrenaline party that is New Zealand in the summer takes a back seat, it kicks its feet up and allows a gentler, calmer nature to take over. Winter in New Zealand is like that person who didn't go out the night before and is full of life the next day – everyone wishes they could experience that feeling.

There are still many wild things to do for those who seek them, but it provides an altogether different travelling experience, and this is one of the many reasons New Zealand is the coolest (because it is winter, right??) place going – it changes with the seasons!!


You haven't visited the dark side of the moon, but it would be right up there on the top of the list – well, welcome to New Zealand out of 'prime season'. Truth is, the weather isn't the best, but hearing that Kiwi voice say "sweet as bro" can bring a ray of sunshine to anyone's day.

Anyone who has been to New Zealand would go back in a heartbeat. Anyone who hasn't, needs to. And a winter visit provides the perfect opportunity for students travelling from the Northern hemisphere (it is during the summer holidays, remember), the chilled (temperature pun) out vacation for the more laid-back adventurers, and enough to satisfy the hunger of the most outgoing. Just bring your coat. It's cold, wet and windy – but when you return there will be many a story to regale (wind puns, now!!).

The country awaits, so time to embark on a journey not many have undertaken before – remind anyone of Lord of the Rings…?


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