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Kiwi Experience is green, not mean

Sustainable Travel

The Kiwi Experience team is passionate about New Zealand and committed to helping protect this slice of paradise! ​​


Kiwi Experience is green not meanKiwi Experience is GREEN, not mean! The future is green for Kiwi Experience and we’re dedicated to protecting this beautiful environment - ensuring New Zealand’s wild landscapes, vast lakes, rich wildlife and stunning coastline are protected for the future generation of passengers!

Kiwi Experience is proud to have won the 2016 Mega Efficiency Impact Award at the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards. This award is special to us because it acknowledges our “green not mean” philosophy – something very close to our heart. Being proud New Zealanders who have the honour of sharing this slice of paradise with travellers, we are focused on protecting the environment for generations to come. Read all about the award and why we won here!

2016 Award


Kiwi Experience’s driver guides are zealous New Zealanders who are as passionate about showing off this gorgeous country as well as doing their part to protect it.

All Kiwi Experience Driver Guides have taken part in the SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving New Zealand) programme to ensure fuel efficiency when driving. 

Kiwi Experience Driver Guides are the best in the business and they’re charged with taking care of the environment, other drivers – and you (precious cargo) whilst guiding travellers around the country.

Our Drivers go above and beyond as far as giving back goes.  It's not unusual for our drivers to take their own initiative to give back to the community, with the help of passengers, as they travel the country.


Kiwi Experience’s eco-friendly answer to increased demand for accommodation from passengers has been to install glamping tents at key locations en route. Where possible, they are powered by solar pods and we remove them at the end of the summer season - leaving nothing but footprints and plenty of memories. These glamping tents (glamour meets camping) are a unique way for Kiwi Experience passengers to enjoy the country – sleep under the stars whilst you’re here! Read Jordan Hosner's glamping story with Kiwi Experience.   

Kiwi Experience is pursuing a paperless environment – thanks to the new Kiwi Experience passenger app, all information of our day to day itineraries, activities and hostel suppliers are now online. By not printing the Travel Guide we have saved 2,880,000 pages of colour printed A5 paper. 

Be A tidy Kiwi!

Download the Kiwi Experience App and help us pursue a paperless environment.

Download kiwi experience travel app

Our passengers are encouraged to leave no trace (maybe a footprint or two in the sand!) In New Zealand littering is simply not cool – we pride ourselves on being tidy kiwi’s – and leaving rubbish behind is a big no no. Kiwi Experience has biodegradable rubbish facilities on board and encourage the use of reusable drink bottles and coffee cups. (Believe it or not – water bottles, coffee cups and plastic bags are the biggest culprits and can cause much damage to our environment) We’re visiting small towns and we want to leave them with fond memories of us!


Our team is very proud of our country and love showing it off to visitors. New Zealand is renowned as the world’s natural playground – with beautiful beaches, clean water, green open spaces and natural wonders aplenty. We like to play our part in keeping New Zealand beautiful and are passionate in the pursuit of responsible tourism. We have a number of initiatives in place to ensure we help protect this incredible landscape – and find ways for Kiwi Experience passengers to offset their own carbon footprint as they travel.  


Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme which involves young people learning about trees and how important they are for our future. The objective to grow and plant native trees to restore natural habitats by helping landowners revegetate erosion prone land, improve stream flow and water quality, increase biodiversity, and to keep New Zealand beautiful.

When you buy your pass with Kiwi Experience, you have the option to help offset your carbon footprint by purchasing a tree which Kiwi Experience will plant with help from a local school. Eventually, we'd love to have our own forest of native trees and offset our carbon footprint entirely. You can also donate to our Give A Little page



Kiwi Encounter, in Rotorua, is New Zealand’s largest and most successful kiwi conservation centre, having hatched and nurtured over 1350 eggs since 1995. Kiwi Experience includes a stop at the Kiwi Encounter as part of our route to allow passengers to visit this attraction.

Kiwi Encounter, Rotorua
Our support is such that many of the Kiwi’s are named after Kiwi Experience drivers! For every Kiwi Experience passenger that takes the tour – we donate an additional per person contribution to the centre! The behind the scenes tour of this working kiwi nursery and hatchery allows an insight into the entire process of kiwi conservation – from egg collection in the wild, incubation, hatching and raising of the kiwi until it’s ready to be released. Put this on your #NZMustDo list! 


Rugby League is a popular “grass roots” sport for New Zealanders with over 23,000 registered players. Kiwi Experience loves Hokitika and is proud to support the Hokitika Rugby League Club, assisting the team annually with funding for uniforms and equipment. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to chuck a ball around with the team when we visit Lake Mahinapua on your Kiwi Experience!

Hokitika Rugby League


The West Coast Penguin Trust is a charitable trust formed in 2006 by local residents concerned at the decline in blue penguin populations. They promote the awareness and enjoyment of blue penguins, Fiordland crested penguins and other seabirds through participation in community events, media liaison and school education programmes from Karamea to Haast.

The Trust conducts research into the ecology of and threats to penguins in order to better understand and address their needs. On the basis of their research, they implement practical conservation projects that benefit both coastal wildlife and the community.   They also advise and work with all four councils and DOC on penguin and other seabird management in the region.


The Wakatipu area, Queenstown is a highly modified environment with little evidence remaining of the dryland woodland species and wetlands that were once abundant. The Wakatipu Reforestation Trust (WRT) and the Department of Conservation (DOC) work in partnership with the community to plant natives in the Wakatipu basin. This partnership aims to recreate areas of dryland and wetland plantings to attract native birds and other species to enhance biodiversity and the local landscape. The WRT operates a community native plant nursery in Kelvin Heights where it grows on plants to a size where their survival is more likely in the harsh local growing conditions. Kiwi Experience is proud to support this trust with an annual financial contribution.


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