Why Kiwi Experience

KIWI EXPERIENCE is how youthful travellers see New Zealand. It’s quite simply the best way to see this amazing country – known around the world as a “natural playground”. Kiwi Experience buses provide flexible guided travel throughout the country – ensuring you can see as much as possible in the time you have – at your own speed. Jump off the bus – stay and play – and get back on when you’re ready to continue. Our driver guides are there to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Find out more


Kiwi Experience offers truly flexible travel, our passengers can choose to stay longer at each stop – getting on another Kiwi Experience bus when they’re ready to continue their journey.

Some of our passengers complete their trips in a short period of time, others take a year! It’s the best way to see this amazing country. You can buy your Kiwi Experience pass 12 months out from travel– meaning you can take advantage of our many special price offers and confirm your travel dates later! Plus, many of our national passes offer UNLIMITED TRAVEL meaning you could travel the country again and again during a 12 month period.


Kiwi Experience routes are essentially made up of 2 base passes – the Funky Chicken and Sheepdog. We then have a number of add on passes (like the  Milford Explorer).

Our passes are a combination of base pass plus add ons. For example, our popular Whole Kit & Caboodle pass is Funky Chicken + Bay & Cape + Deep South + Milford Explorer add ons!

Check out our ‘passes’ page to find out more (and some of the stories behind their names!)


See those pins dropping on the map? These indicate overnight stops on Kiwi Experience routes.

Kiwi Experience guarantees at least one nights acccommodation in each overnight stop for our passengers. We’ve selected these stops to ensure that you truly see the best of New Zealand – a Kiwi Experience is the perfect mix of tourist hot spots and some hidden treasures!

Find out more about the stops here and start planning your trip!


When you travel with Kiwi Experience you are among like minded travellers, seeking adventure and the trip of a lifetime. Whether travelling alone, or with friends – Kiwi Experience offers flexible, convenient travel. Along the way you’ll make mates, moments – and memories to last a lifetime.

Our passengers all complete their Kiwi Experience citing “the people” (including the Driver Guides and locals, along with other passengers) as an absolute highlight!

The flexible nature of Kiwi Experience bus adventures means you can make your trip – genuinely your own – whether you’re an adrenalin seeker, or a more subdued traveller, whether you want to enjoy the night life, or a quiet night.

Ensuring you enjoy this once in a life time experience is our focus – it’s YOUR Kiwi Experience!