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Why We Love Bungy Jumping

Posted by Kiwi Experience Crew on 4 October 2016
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Why we love Bungy Jumping!

Travelling at near terminal velocity, hurtling towards the ground, attached only the ankles. It sounds like the stuff of nightmares, but if you are after the ultimate challenge, nothing beats Bungy Jumping. And great news - travelling with Kiwi Experience gives you access to 5 different jumps and you won’t get it cheaper - our best price guarantee means you save when you book with us.

The views. Standing on top of the Sky Tower in Auckland (the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere) or high above the stunning Nevis Valley in Queenstown, the views you’ll get are world class. Only if you’re relaxed enough to soak it up and enjoy them!

Freefall - 8.5 seconds on the AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy. That’s plenty of time to think about whatever you want. Like when is the bungy cord going to "kick in". Or will it? That’s enough time to scream, get your breath back, and scream again!


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It’s safe. The team at AJ Hackett are the world leaders in Bungy Jumping. In fact, they wrote the laws. The bungy cord can hold weights of up to 12.5 tonnes - quite a bit more than you or I. And they only use the cords for half of their legal life time.

AJ Hackett & Kiwi Experience have been mates for a very long time. AJ Hackett created AJ Hackett Bungy just 10 months before the very first Kiwi Experience trip. And we’ve been partnered with them from that day. That’s 27 years.

Bungy was created in NZ - there is nothing more uniquely Kiwi. Starting at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, AJ Hackett Bungy now operates in 6 countries, including France, Russia and China. All this from little ole’ New Zealand!


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Custom Options. If you want to dress up and dive off, you can. If you want to touch the water, you can. At the world’s only ocean touch bungy jump in Auckland, they had to delay jumping because there was a pod of dolphins hanging out underneath the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Where else in the world would that happen? (No where!)


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The Worlds 3rd Highest Bungy Jump. The Nevis Bungy is seriously high up. 143m above the Nevis Valley, you will fall for a long time. But the feeling. Undescribable!


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It just doesn’t make sense. When you are skydiving, it doesn’t look real - it looks like google earth. But when you are standing on a little platform, about to dive into thin air, EVERYTHING looks real. The ground does, the water does - it suddenly gets very, very real! If you don’t get butterflies, there is something wrong with you!


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The best way to experience the thrill of Bungy is travelling with Kiwi Experience. Ready to book your New Zealand adventure?

Click here to check out our latest specials! Book before October 13th 2016, and you’re automatically in the draw to WIN 1 of 15 Bungy Jumps from our mates at AJ Hackett Bungy.



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