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We know you haven't come all this way just to do the same thing as everyone else. This is your journey, your adventure. We get it.

Kiwi Experience is a hassle-free way to travel New Zealand. Our Hop-On-Hop-Off travel network gives you the flexibility to go your own way. Being in the game for almost 30 years, we've learnt a thing or two, and these tips are designed to help you get the most out of your time in New Zealand and your trip with Kiwi Experience, take our word for it.

Finding The Right Fit

Kiwi Experience has a solid line-up of bus passes to fit every well-minded traveller. When choosing your pass it helps to know how long are you in New Zealand for? Planning to travel around North Island only? South? Both Islands? We know that it can be overwhelming making this decision on your own, so jump on live chat, send us an e-mail (travel@kiwiex.co.nz) or give us a call (+64 9 336 4286) if you need any help.

Don’t Just Do The Minimum Time

If you are looking at our bus passes you probably came across the “Minimum Travel Time” – it’s a great way to get an idea of how long it takes to complete your route. However, don’t forget that we are a Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Company so, yes, take as much advantage of us you can. There are many stops where you need to spend more than one night – like Rotorua, Wellington and Abel Tasman. Have a day or two to play with your itinerary as you go – you never know who you will meet along the way, right?

Plan Ahead

New Zealand is a hugely popular tourist destination and over Summer time it’s full on. We might even have more people than sheep during the sunny days – ok, we are being a bit dramatic here. Truth is: if you want to tick all the items off your list of things to do in New Zealand, plan ahead. This advice is three times more important if you don’t have much flexibility. Get in touch and we are more than happy to help you put together a personalised itinerary.


Don’t you have a clue about what we are talking about? Different passes? Minimum Travel Time? Plan your trip? Don’t panic! Have a read of our “How does Kiwi Experience Work?” page or jump on live chat to talk with our friendly Reservation Team – we are the experts after all!

Listen To Your Driver Guide

They are locals (and absolute legends) and are there to help you to have an unforgettable trip. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. They are the ones who know the country and culture better than anyone else – which means that they know the cheap pubs too.

Don't Forget Where You Are

Kiwi Experience will take you through fiords, glaciers, volcanos, waterfalls and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Tongariro National Park and Te Wahipounamu. Of course, take as many photos as you want, but just remember to enjoy the breathtaking environment around you. Make sure you get away from those screens every now and then.

Te Puia Rotorua




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