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Who Travels With Us

Solo travel with a group of likeminded mates

Travel is an experience best shared with friends, it’s that simple. Kiwi Experience welcomes passengers from all walks of life; lone-rangers, happy couples, the young and the young at heart. Thousand of travellers cross paths on our bus travel network each year; you'll meet as strangers but you'll leave with some of the best friends in the entire world.

Get ready to meet some truly epic humans on your trip and get ready to create your story, your memories and many ‘you had to be there’ moments.

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Solo Travellers

Going solo? With over half of our passengers being solo adventurers, you will never be alone. On Kiwi Experience, you are sure to make friends for life.

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Best Mates

Your best mate, other half or the new friend you met on the way to NZ; we can book you on the same buses on the same dates, not a biggie.

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Scenic Explorers

New Zealand is a natural playground for those who get their kicks from exploring scenic landscapes; each day provides something different to discover.

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Adventure Junkies

From jumping out of a plane at 20,000 ft to exploring underground caves; NZ is jam-packed with unique activities as a result of Kiwi’s getting extremely creative with their surroundings.

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The Photographers

Travelling New Zealand, for the ‘Gram? Create some serious FOMO amongst friends and family back home and share ridiculously epic photos of our beautiful country.

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The Budgeters

Travelling New Zealand can be pricey, but we make it easy to travel on a budget with heaps of free stuff to do each day.


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