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Kiwi Experience Activities and experiences

Discover New Zealand your way


Allowing for all budgets and appetites, we ensure each passenger gets what they want from their New Zealand adventure. Check out the below for the list of activities available; pre-book and pay for your activities on the Trip Planner, have questions when you are on the road, your Driver Guide will provide you with information on the road. 

From whale watching to bungy jumping, surfing to skydiving; no two days are the same when you travel with Kiwi Experience across New Zealand.

Check out below for a list of activities you can experience here in New Zealand:


Our Small Group Tours come with more inclusions than you might expect, offering unbeatable value and connecting you with the real New Zealand. There are then over 70 optional activities you can add to your tour. Your Driver Guide will be able to support you with any bookings.



Activities are not included in the price of your bus pass to allow for ultimate freedom and flexibility. We offer a great mix of free and paid activities – all optional to ensure your Kiwi Experience is your own. We only work with the best New Zealand activity providers. You can select and pay for all your activity bookings via the online Trip Planner, which allows you to pay for and plan your activities whilst you’re out on the road; your Driver Guide can offer you additional information about each activity.



Browse our Activity list below to help plan your trip: To lock in and pay for your activities by, using the Trip Planner.

What are you into?
Nature Lover
Thrill Seeker
Free Stuff
  1. World's First Bungy
  2. 43metres Bungy
  3. NZ must-do
  4. Bungy from a bridge
AJ Hackett Kawarau Bungy
  1. Take on the Nevis
  2. 134metre drop
  3. The highest bungy in NZ
AJ Hackett Queenstown Nevis Bungy Jump
  1. Choose your own style
  2. 160 metres above the river
  3. 300 metre arc
AJ Hackett Queenstown Nevis Swing
  1. Freestyle bungy
  2. Winter night-time bungy
  3. Most spectacular views of Queenstown
  4. Twist-flip-dive, you choose!
AJ Hackett Queenstown The Ledge Bungy
  1. Self-release - it's all up to you
  2. Winter night-time Swing
  3. Rope style swing
  4. Beautiful Queenstown below you
AJ Hackett Queenstown The Ledge Swing
  1. Up to 60kph
  2. Up to 6 people at once!
  3. Choose your Swing style
AJ Hackett Queenstown Kawarau Zipride
  1. Stunning Huka Falls
  2. Exhilarating jet boat ride
  3. Thrills, fun and excitement
Huka Falls Jet
  1. Short walk to summit
  2. Sweet as views of Auckland
  3. Monogenetic Volcano
  4. Old Maori Pa (fort)
Mount Eden
  1. Close
  2. Beautiful
  3. Relaxing
Mahinapua Lake
  1. ‘World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride’
  2. 360˚ spins
  3. An adrenalin rush to remember
  4. Highly experienced drivers
Shotover Jet Boat Ride
  1. 95% success rate of seeing a whale
  2. Small group tours
  3. See a variety of marine life
  4. Giant Sperm Whales
Whale Watch Kaikoura
  1. Boat Cruise
  2. Swim
  3. BBQ
  4. Drinks
Wanaka Boat Cruize
  1. Red Zone Tour
  2. Commentary
  3. 1hr
  4. Informative
Earthquake Tours
  1. See local marine life
  2. Only kayaking at Cathedral Cove
  3. No experience necessary
  4. Qualified/Experienced guides
Cathedral Cove Kayaking Trip
  1. Solo/Tandem/Triple Options
  2. Amazingly fun and unique activity
  3. Spa pools
  1. Scenic train journey
  2. Amazing scenery
  3. View the beautiful Southern Alps
TranzAlpine Train Journey
  1. Help save our fluffy friends
  2. 100% of the entry fee goes directly to the save the kiwi
National Kiwi Hatchery
  1. Dramatic scenery
  2. New Zealand's first tandem skydive
  3. Achievement doesn’t come sweeter!
  4. Three jump heights to choose from
NZONE Skydive
  1. Truly unique experience
  2. Real life Mario Kart
  3. Spectacular views of Rotorua
  4. Redwood Forest
Skyline Gondola and Luge - Rotorua
  1. Crater Lake of a super volcano
  2. Go for a swim
  3. Friendly skipper
  4. Visit Maori rock carving
Sail Barbary
  1. NZ’s highest building
  2. 360 degree views of Auckland
  3. Hang over the edge
AJ Hackett Auckland SkyWalk
  1. Jump from NZ’s highest building
  2. Magnificent views
  3. Get your adrenaline going
  4. Free Sky Tower pass included
AJ Hackett Auckland SkyJump
  1. NZ’s only bridge climb
  2. Extensive commentary
  3. Unforgettable experience
  4. Skyline views of the city
AJ Hackett Auckland Bridge Climb
  1. NZ’s only ocean touch bungy
  2. Ankle tie, harness jump or tandem
  3. 40m jump
AJ Hackett Auckland Bridge Bungy
  1. Panoramic views of Auckland
  2. NZ's tallest man-made structure
Sky Tower
  1. Beautiful Gardens
  2. Simulation of a volcanic explosion
  3. Experience a Maori cultural show
  4. Great View
Auckland Museum
  1. 3 different heights to choose from
  2. 20 years experience
  3. Adrenaline pumping
Auckland Skydive
  1. Geothermal activity
  2. Bubbling mud
  3. Eat an egg cooked in a hot pool
Te Puia
  1. Highest commercially rafted waterfall
  2. Awesome scenery
  3. Learn Maori Culture and History
  4. Free transport from your Hostel
Kaitiaki Rafting
  1. Relax in hot pools
  2. Enjoy mineral pools
  3. Beautiful scenery
Polynesian Spa
  1. 47 metres above the Waikato River
  2. Jump or Swing
  3. Solo or Tandem
Taupo Bungy
  1. Breath-taking view
  2. 19km hike
  3. Physical challenge
  4. LOTR scenery (Mt Doom)
Tongariro Crossing
  1. Learn Natural Horsemanship
  2. Freestyle riding techniques (no bit in the horses mouth)
  3. Experience the epic New Zealand backcountry
River Valley Stables
  1. 16,500ft or 13,000ft
  2. The thrill of a lifetime awaits
  3. 20 years of experience
  4. NZ beauty as far as the eye can see
Skydive Abel Tasman
  1. Short walk in a National Park
  2. See the remnants of an old Maori Pa
  3. Beautiful scenery
Abel Tasman Aqua Taxi - Half Day Tour
  1. Chance to see seals
  2. Admire the natural beauty
  3. Kayaking
Kahu Kayaks - Seals and Sand
  1. Half kayaking, half walking tour
  2. Beautiful golden sand beaches
  3. Native plants
Kahu Kayaks - Southern Blend
  1. Learn to surf
  2. Try paddle boarding
  3. Great knowledge of local surf spots
  4. Hire surf gear
Bazil's Surf School - Surfing
  1. Brewery Tour
  2. Taste NZ made beer
Monteith's Brewery
  1. Beautiful walk
  2. Amazing scenery
  3. Great photo opportunities
Mt John
    Ben Lomond
    1. Enjoy the local beach and lake
    2. Beautiful sunset location
    Mahinapua Beach
    1. Amazing limestone formations
    2. Great photo opportunity
    3. Awesome pancake stack in the cafe'
    Punakaiki Pancake Rocks
    1. Seal colony
    2. Light house
    3. Stunning scenery
    Cape Foulwind
    1. Amazing sunsets
    2. Relax with your mates
    3. Fantastic scenery
    4. Heaps of drift wood
    North Beach
    1. Short walk
    2. Natural scenery
    Tawhai Falls
    1. Popular NZ natural attraction
    2. Great photo opportunities
    Huka Falls
    1. Short Walks
    2. Spectacular views
    3. Magnificent trees
    4. Cycling option
    Redwoods Walk
    1. Short Walk
    2. Historic Gold Mine
    Karangahake Gorge Walk
    1. Short walk
    2. Amazing beach and views
    3. One of the most picturesque areas
    Cathedral Cove Walk
    1. Create your own Masterpiece
    2. Real Greenstone
    3. Great for a unique souvenir
    Pounamu (Greenstone/Jade) Carving
    1. Cruise in the Bay
    2. Crew have intimate Knowledge of Dolphins
    3. Personal experience
    Dolphin Eco Encounter
    1. Lunch and BBQ dinner
    2. 5hours on the river
    3. Grade 5 river rapids
    4. Spine-tingling scenery
    Rangitata Rafts
      Expert astronomy guides World renowned research observatory Viewing up to 16 inch optical telescope
    Dark Sky Project, Summit Experience
    1. Every passenger has a window seat
    2. Memorable and spectacular scenery
    3. Fly over Lake Tekapo
    4. View Mt Cook from above
    Air Safaris
    1. Relax in one of three hot pools
    2. Be pampered in the Glacier Day Spa
    3. Free Sauna & Steam Rooms
    Tekapo Springs
    1. Get to Mt Cook easily
    2. Pick-up & drop-off
    3. Photo stops on en route
    4. Beautiful scenery
    Mt Cook Connections
    1. Delicious meals
    2. Great location
    3. House beer, wine, spirits $5
    4. Jager bombs $5
    Red Rock
    1. Paddle through Middle Earth
    2. Grade 2-3 or 3-5
    3. No experience needed
    Queenstown Rafting
    1. World’s highest cliff jump
    2. Swing in the famous Shotover Canyon
    3. Unique jump styles
    Shotover Canyon Swing
    1. Fun bar crawl in Queenstown
    2. Meet new friends
    3. Enjoy Queenstown nightlife
    Kiwi Crawl
    1. Middle-earth movie scenes
    2. One of the world’s Top 10 scenic drives
    3. Breath-taking scenery
    4. Exciting Jet boating
    Dart River Safari Wilderness Jet
    1. Unique and fun journey
    2. Combining nature with adventure
    3. LOTR and Hobbit Scenery
    4. Paddle to 'Paradise'
    Dart River Safari Funyak
    1. 18km bike ride
    2. Picturesque purpose built tracks
    3. Ride alongside Merino sheep
    4. Lakes, Riverbanks and private farmland
    Wanaka Bike Tours
    1. The Great Maze
    2. Mind Boggling Puzzles
    3. Illusion Rooms
    4. Fun and Challenging
    5. Iconic, unique activity
    Puzzling World
    1. All equipment provided
    2. 100 paintballs included
    3. Set in the rain forest
    4. Extra Balls Available
    Jungle Paintball
    1. A unique experience
    2. Explore the beautiful glacier
    3. Amazing aerial views
    Franz Josef Ice Explorer
    1. Kayak through rainforest
    2. Listen to native birdsong
    3. Reflections of our biggest mountains
    Glacier Country Kayaks
    1. Boat Trip
    2. See Dolphins and other Marine Life
    3. Famous Hole in the Rock
    4. Time for relaxing on the beach
    Hole In The Rock Cruise
    1. Cruise around the Bay of Islands,
    2. Look our for Dolphins
    3. Island stop to relax on the beach
    4. Cape Brett Lighthouse
    Cream Trip Day in the Bay
    1. Discover Scuba Diving
    2. All levels of experience welcome
    3. Dive course avilable
    4. Explore wrecks and reefs
    Paihia Dive
    1. Choose 12,000ft or 16,000ft to jump from
    2. Speeds upto 200km/p during freefall
    3. Camera options to keep the memory forever
    4. Beautiful Scenery
    Skydive Bay of Islands
    1. Fishing in the Bay of Islands
    2. Try your luck at catching a fish
    3. Catch, caught will be filleted
    4. GO FISH <')))))))><
    Spot X Fishing
    1. 1200ft aerial view
    2. Option of Solo or Tandem
    3. No experience needed
    4. Stunning views
    Flying Kiwi Parasail
    1. Kayak coastal water, no experience needed
    2. Explore Mangrove forests
    3. Half and Full day tours
    4. Learn about Maori Legends
    Coastal Kayakers
    1. Kayaking
    2. the world-famous Split Apple Rock
    Kahu Kayaking - Under the Radar
    1. Climb Auckland's youngest volcano
    2. Short or Long walk options
    3. Awesome lookout points
    4. Short ferry journey from Auckland
    Rangitoto Island
    1. The original black water rafting tour
    2. See glowworms up close
    3. 3 hour tour
    Black Labyrinth - The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.
    1. Ultimate caving adventure
    2. See glowworms up close
    3. Challenge yourself
    4. 5 hour tour
    Black Abyss - The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co.
    1. World famous Glowworm Caves
    2. Magical experience
    3. New Zealand must-do
    Waitomo Glowworm Caves
    1. Small tour groups
    2. 2 hour tour
    3. Bring your camera!
    4. See glowworms up close
    Ruakuri Cave
    1. Iconic NZ natural attraction
    2. Unforgettable journey
    3. Spectacular drive
    4. NZ must-do!
    Milford Explorer
    1. Scenic Flight
    2. Downhill Mountain Biking
    3. Suitable for all skill levels
    4. Photo stops
    Wanaka Heli Bike
    1. Panoramic views of two seas meeting
    2. A drive along the beach
    3. Sand-boarding
    4. Learn History and Legends
    Cape Reinga Day Trip
    1. Spectacular aerial views
    2. Two huge glaciers
    3. Two huge mountains
    4. Photo stop between the glaciers
    Helicopter Line Franz Josef
    1. Natural Hot Pool
    2. Geothermal activity
    3. Beach
    Hot Water Beach
    1. Short bush walk
    2. Native NZ forest
    3. Limestone formations
    Ruakuri Reserve Walk
    1. Transport between our main islands
    2. Spectacular scenery
    3. On-board facilities
    4. Marine life
    1. Stunning scenic sailing journey
    2. Swim in National Park waters
    3. See wildlife including NZ Fur Seals
    4. Epic local skippers/ storytellers
    5. The best of the National Park
    Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures
    1. It is the first Via Ferrata in Southern Hemisphere
    2. You get to see Queenstown's stunning alpine scenery from above
    3. If you can climb a ladder, you can do Via Ferrata
    Climbing - Via Ferrata
    1. One of the top half day rafting trips in the world
    2. 10 major rapids from Grade 3-5
    3. Beautiful scenery along the Rangitikei River
    River Valley Rafting
      Expert astronomy guides Private observatory Viewing up to 14 inch optical telescope
    Dark Sky Project, Crater Experience at Cowan’s Observatory
    1. See seals in their natural habitat
    2. Beautiful mountain backdrop
    Kaikoura Peninsula Walk
    Church of the Good Shepherd
    1. Delicious real fruit ice cream
    2. Fresh fruit and vegetables
    Mrs Jones Fruit Store
    1. Best views of Queenstown
    2. 450 metres above Queenstown
    3. 800m long purpose built Luge tracks
    4. Views and fun!
    Skyline Gondola and Luge - Queenstown
    Nelson Lakes
    Nelson Lakes
    1. Located between Queenstown and Wanaka
    2. Slopes for all abilities
    3. The southerly aspect of the resort keeps the snow light and powdery for longer
    Cardrona Ski Packages
    1. Discover the best of the region on this fun and interactive afternoon tour
    2. Enjoy tastings at 3 spectacular cellar doors in Gibbston region and take a guided tour through New Zealand’s largest wine cave
    3. Take time to sit and relax and enjoy local cheeses with a glass of premium wine
    Appellation Wine Tours
    1. Short walks
    2. Spectacular views
    3. Easily accessible to the hostel
    Mt Victoria
    1. Freefall from up to 15 000 feet, at 200kph/124mph
    2. Soar above snow-capped peaks
    3. 360 degree views of NZ’s highest mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers
    Skydive Wanaka
    1. Freefall for up to 60 seconds at 200kph/124mph
    2. Skydiving over Lord of the Rings locations, a World Heritage area and Fiordland National Park with views of Mount Cook, Mitre Peak in Milford Sound, Mt Aspiring, Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables
    Skydive Southern Alps
    1. Adventure
    2. Fun
    3. Swimming and Jumping
    4. All gear provided