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More and more travellers are taking gap year opportunities to work or join local volunteer work schemes whilst on their gap year. New Zealand is a fairly easy place to do both, especially when combined with a comprehensive and flexible Kiwi Experience pass. New Zealand is the perfect place to work and gap travel, with plenty to see and do around the country. New Zealand is safe, clean and beautiful.

The most popular type of working holiday is the “gap year” where you take a year off study or work in your own country and head to New Zealand. Once here you will fill your gap year with a mixture of work and travel. With Kiwi Experience’s flexible travel options you can buy one of our New Zealand bus passes and use it to head around the country at your own pace. A working holiday or gap year is a great way to see more of New Zealand and have the trip pay for itself. The rules differ between countries so check out www.immigration.govt.nz for more information including how to get a Visa.


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Permanent NZ Gap Year Work and Immigrating

New Zealand has a diverse ethnic mix and progressive immigration policy which makes it a very welcoming place if you want to work and live here. The rules for permanent work and immigration are obviously a lot more complex than for a gap year so it’s always best to check out www.immigration.govt.nz for the most up to date information.

Considering New Zealand from the USA? Many people who travel or move to NZ from the USA are looking for a relaxed pace of life, in an unspoilt country where people are friendly and look out for each other. The New Zealand Now website has some great information written especially for those in the USA. 


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 Types of Gap Year Jobs Available in New Zealand

As a developed country, New Zealand has jobs of all types available for both temporary and permanent workers (the exceptions being submarine drivers, clog makers, and rodeo clowns).

When it comes to casual work most jobs are either in: 


  • Cafe's
  • Restaurants
  • Bar Work
  • Hotel Staff
  • Catering Staff
  • Reservations

Seasonal Work

  • Fruit-picking
  • Vineyard work


  • Au Pair
  • Nanny

The following websites may be helpful in your search for a job here in New Zealand.



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Seasonal Gap Year Jobs in New Zealand

There is a growing demand in New Zealand for seasonal workers. People that are willing to work at short notice and for varying durations, but usually in a great environment that offers freedom and a chance to really see this great country.

So, are you an overseas visitor and looking for a way to fuel your travel funds? Or maybe you are a kiwi yearning for a change of scene? Either way you are in the right place because this site was designed for you! www.seasonaljobs.co.nz 


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Volunteer Work

New Zealand has strong social structures and welfare policies but there are a number of opportunities for volunteer work. Most of these involve environmental work but there are teaching and social work needs in our communities as well. See the links below to get you started.



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If you are researching gap year opportunities or backpacking travel, New Zealand is the perfect place to work and play. Book your Kiwi Experience pass now to experience the best of NZ. 



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