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Who Travels With Us?

Creating lifelong friendships


Kiwi Experience welcomes passengers from all walks of life; lone-wolfs, happy couples, the young and the young at heart. Kiwi Experience creates a unique atmosphere by attracting like-minded homies from across the globe. 

Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Tours - The Solo Traveller#1 THE SOLO TRAVELLER

Going solo? On Kiwi Experience, the majority of our passengers are travelling solo, so you will never be alone. We know you want to meet new friends, create bonds, crazy stories and travel with like-minded people. Kiwi Experience is all about the people and we couldn’t make it easier for you.

It’s the people you’ll meet on Kiwi that will make your New Zealand adventure one you’ll never forget. The number of passengers we get thanking us for helping them meet their ‘new best mate’, their ‘new travelling companion’, or their ‘new hubby/wife’ makes us next to none when it comes to building friendships. So don’t fret – you will always finish your trip with a wicked bunch of new friends!


Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Tours - Best Mates#2 BEST MATES

Whether you’re travelling with your best mate, your other half, or the dude you met in Bali two weeks ago, you’re not travelling alone. You guys are always up for a good time, making memories, meeting new and interesting people and generally just living loose.

Kiwi Experience is the perfect way to travel for those tripping around together. Say goodbye to the selfie as you travel with your own personal photographer, and when you’re tired of each other’s bad jokes – there are plenty more people on board to mingle with. The best thing about travelling with other people? There’s always someone up for an adventure! If your other half won’t jump out of a plane with you – someone else will. Want to stay somewhere for an extra night and old mate wants to keep moving? Kiwi Experience is flexible for everyone, just meet up again in a couple of days!


Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Tours - Scenic Explorers#3 SCENIC EXPLORERS

Are you travelling to New Zealand for the stunning scenery - the lakes, mountains, geysers and volcanoes? Do you want to climb every peak and discover every native animal, such as the cute little Kiwi bird? You must be a scenic explorer.

Kiwi Experience is for you - we have plenty of free walks, hikes and picturesque locations each day on the bus as you travel, we also have best price guarantee on scenic adventures such as swimming with Dolphins! Do sustainable travel options tickle your fancy? Look no further, Kiwi Experience has a number of initiatives to help off-set your carbon footprint. Learn more about our Green Not Mean practices here (link to page).


Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Adventures - The Adventure Junkie#4 ADVENTURE JUNKIES

You guys are up for anything. You want to jump out of a plane over the Great Lake Taupo and take a heli-hike up the slowly melting Franz Josef Glacier while you still can! If Queenstown, NZs adventure capital is what you’re really holding out for – you must be an adventure junkie.

You want to see and do it all, and lucky for you only Kiwi Experience has best price guarantee on adventure activities along the route. The adventure never stops with both scenic and adrenaline pumping activities every single day – and you don’t have to worry about a thing as your Legendary Driver Guide can book you in as you travel so you don’t blow your budget at the start of your trip! The best bit is that if you’re travelling solo, you’ll be able to partake with other like-minded adventure junkies on board the bus as you travel.


Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Tours - The Photographer#5 THE PHOTOGRAPHER

New Zealand is the stuff Kodak Memories are made of – and there’s no way you guys are setting foot in Aotearoa without your tripod. If you can’t wait to share stupidly good-looking photos of our island paradise, then you’re definitely the photographer. No-one can make New Zealand look as good as you!

Want to create some serious FOMO amongst your mates? Picture yourself capturing the unreal blue colours of Lake Tekapo, the red face of dramatic Mount Ngaruahoe (Mt Doom) or Mitre Peak in the eighth wonder of the world, Milford Sound. Photographers come from near and far to photograph the many unique wonders of New Zealand, and Kiwi Experience is the best way for them to see and snap everything! From free nature walks through native forests to swimming with the sharks, there are opportunities for your trigger finger around every corner. Miss sunrise? Take your time and stay in places you didn’t get the shot, or simply buy an unlimited pass and visit as many times as you like over 12 months.


Kiwi Experience New Zealand Bus Tours - The Budgeter#6 THE BUDGETER

Two-minute noodles are cheap, and so are you. Travelling New Zealand can be pricey, but lucky for you guys, Kiwi Experience provides an affordable way to cruise around with other like-minded, budget conscious travellers so you’ll never feel like the broke one.

We have lots of mates – so travel with us and you’ll get best price guarantee on all activities along the route. Pick and choose what you would like to do as you travel, with plenty of free stuff included each day so you can budget to your hearts content! If you’re looking to work and play, simply buy a pass with unlimited travel for 12 months and earn as you travel. Most people who travel with us are on a budget, you probably fit into one of the above categories too (you’re such an Adventure Junkie!), but it’s important for you to take your dollars as far as they can go. Check out our How To Budget video here.



While there is a minimum age of 18, there is no maximum and you’ll find fun youthful travellers of all ages doing New Zealand bus travel the Kiwi Experience way. We get travellers from all over the globe on Kiwi Experience, so not only will you be experiencing New Zealand culture but cultures from all around the world. This mix of people is one of the best things about New Zealand bus travel and something you wouldn’t get travelling around on your lonesome!


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